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So, Heyyyyy!

We're here, Bryanie and Becca (with a very outdated, young looking photo of us, But oh, to reminisce)

If you had told us we'd be starting a business amidst a global pandemic last February we'd have called the whole thing off! The store stuff had been trickling away in the background, but we took a leap and that leap gave us multiple obstacles to have to leap over along the way! 

We opened a brick and mortar store, closed it, opened it, did the hokey cokey, turned around because that's what it's all about! But hey, here we are, in the craziest time in the world, having the craziest fun spinning multiple plates. 

We started a business and Bryanie had a baby. LOL.
So here I am, Bryanie, 28, a mother of one beautiful little boy and a total beginner in the world of business. I'm the funny one, the youngest of my siblings, the one that gets away with murder and the one with a childish imagination and a sweet tooth. So my domain is with the sweets, lifestyle food and hampers. The good stuff. 
And I'm Becca, the one that's always dreamt of a reno project, beautiful interiors and all things lifestyle. I've worked as a visual manager, completed a creative degree, still work a full time corporate job and took on this challenge with my little sister, because you know, why not! 
We're taking our dreams and making them a reality. We're on a evolutionary path and finding out where this takes us (hopefully first to a beach with a cocktail - because we need one!) We are constantly learning every day, and want to bring you all amazing essentials to help brighten up your every day, because it really helps brighten up ours. 
So come on the journey with us, get to know us more, help shape our little business online and one day, hopefully not too far away, come hang out in the store with us, we'd love to see you all! 
Bryanie & Becca 💕

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